Rory Culkin

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Electrick Children (2012)

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Two things I’m on my phone right now and have to post this under link. Secondly, I didn’t necessarily want to post video interview cause they have another person translating their talking into another language, but eh why not

Anonymous asked:

I really wish rory would be my boyfriend. Like he's so cute and amazing and he seems like he'd be a caring bf. ya kno?

After watching electrick children and lymelife he does seems like he would be a sweet boyfriend. All we can do is imagine(I fixed my phones dumb auto correct of lymelife to lune life. Serious, phone?)

If anyone has any questions or have a chat I’m available right now.

I will say ahead of time there is still no news yet about Gabriel, whether it be other locations of the screening and DVD. So I can’t help ya there.

Fan pictures of Kieran and the rest of the cast of This Is Our Youth; Michael Cera and Tavi Gevinson.

I do not own these photos so I left the usernames in with the pictures for credit.

Part 3